Now everyone can have a crypto-bank account!

Store. Spend. Exchange. Lend. Borrow. Get Insured!

CROWDBANK is the World’s First privacy-enhanced

crypto-currency bank on the blockchain platform.

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What is CrowdBank?

CrowdBank will be a revolutionary online crypto-bank that

will be a repository for the cryptocurrencies of the users.

Token Sale



Anyone can open an account with Crowdbank on smartphone. Seamless KYC process. Store your cryptocurrency with Crowdbank’s 3-tier security enhanced wallet and be insured


Enjoy super-low fee, when you exchange from one crypto-currency to another. Why pay more, when smart-contract-technology does most of the work?


Crowdbank automates the conversation of your crypto-currency to FIAT currency whenever you wish to make a purchase at any retail outlet with NFC (near-field-contactless) terminal.


All users can send and receive crypto-currency, within 10 seconds, from anyone with Crowdbank’s Wallet. It connects merchants, buyers, payors, payees, shoppers (and the list is endless) with borderless trade at super-low transaction fee.


Users can lend or borrow from one another, as payment terms are clearly defined and agreed on with 100% transparency.


Crowdbank provides risk sharing network where users can pool their premiums together to insure against a specific risk. It can be any risk the the users deem important and Crowdbank provides reinsurance if the pool is insufficient. This hybrid insurance model ensures premium stays low and funds are always sufficient to cover risks.






Payment Expert


Operation Lead


It is a new form of funding by selling a new cryptocurrency to raise funds for product development. The Token Sale participants send cryptocurrency to a source, and the entity that carries out the Token Sale allocates a certain quantity of the Tokens to participants.

When you participate in a token sale, tokens will be allocated to you through a smart contract. While these tokens may have value or utility in the future, this value and utility are not guaranteed. This is different than making an equity investment in a company, through which you purchase a stake in the company and receive securities such as stocks or bonds in proportion to your investment. A token sale does not provide any form of stake, dividend or bond. Donations are money given freely with nothing expected return. However, donors do receive receipts and may be eligible for tax benefits, based on their donations. Participants in token sales do not receive proof of purchase documents such as receipts and should not expect any special tax benefits for participating in a token sale.

The CrowdBanksʼ (CBK) token is a blockchain-based utility token, for ICO Token Sale, which allows users to access the CrowdBankʼs platform. All unified rewards are given in CBK Token.

The Stable Coin EURO (SCE) is the blockchain-based currency, whose cryptocoins in circulation are backed by an equivalent amount of EURO fiat currency, used within the CrowdBank network for transaction such as peer to peer payments, loans, insurance premiums and so on.

There is no limit per participant.

Citizens, residents (tax or otherwise), or green card holders, of the United States of America are ineligible to purchase any CBK tokens during the CrowdBank ICO. The same pertains for residents of the People's Republic of China and Canada. If you are a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of any other jurisdiction, please ensure that you seek your own independent legal advice with regard to your compliance with such jurisdictionʼs applicable laws before you participate in the ICO.

CrowdBank accepts ETH, BTC, USD, and EURO.

Yes. The bonuses are 20% Bonus (Pre-Sale) and 5% Bonus (Public Sale)

Pre-Sale ˗ 15 September 2018 to 14 October 2018

Public Sale ˗ 15 October 2018 to 14 November 2018

CrowdBank aims to be as credible and compliant as possible in everything it does, including KYC verification. In order to participate in the CBK token sale, you must complete KYC process.

The CrowdBank Token Sale does not guarantee any principal.

The CrowdBank Token Sale does not guarantee any form of return on any investment. CrowdBank is not responsible for any profit or loss due to changes in the Token price.

We are working closely with our advisors and partners to be fully compliant and well positioned for being listed on exchanges. For strategic reasons, we will only disclose names once it is 100% confirmed.


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